What is World Emoji Day? All you need to know 2021

Emoji have been around for years. But did you know that there’s a World Emoji Day? Well, there is … and it’s on July 17!

In this article, we cover all basic about world emoji day and what’s the most popular emoji 2021.

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What is world emoji day?

World Emoji Day is an annual unofficial holiday occurring on 17 July, intended to celebrate emoji; in the years since the earliest observance, it has become a popular date to make a product or other announcements and releases relating to emoji.

Why July 17?

July 17 is famously displayed on the ? Calendar Emoji, which is why Emojipedia chose it as the date for World Emoji Day.

What do you do on World Emoji day?

July 17th recognizes World Emoji Day and many of the world’s symbolic icons for digital calendars. The day encourages us to use emojis to send unique messages. Before the emoji, there were emoticons. Emoticons (emotion + icon) was developed as an expression of emotions in the cold hard texts that were devoid of them

How do you celebrate World Emoji day?

When you celebrate World Emoji Day this week by sponsoring your favorite emoji or another character for yourself or as a gift, your donation helps the non-profit Unicode Consortium support the world’s many languages and make the digital world more inclusive.

How many Emojis are used in a day?

2020 saw the release of 117 new emojis, bringing the total up to 3,136. By 2021 this figure is set to grow to 3,353. It’s estimated that 5 billion emojis are used every day on Facebook and in Facebook Messenger alone

What are the most popular emoji?

According to Adobe’s 2021 Global Emoji Trend Report released on July 15, which surveyed over 7000 people around the world, the most popular emoji of all time is the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ ? emoji, often used to show laughing out loud.

The crying-laughing face is also the most commonly used emoji on Twitter.

How do new emoji get picked and what new emoji might arrive in 2021?

New emoji are set to arrive in the next emoji update, Emoji 14.0, which is due to be released on September 14.

Microsoft’s new 3D emoji include Clippy coming back to life in Office

Microsoft is bringing its infamous Clippy character back to life as an emoji in Office. After a successful campaign to get some Twitter and Instagram likes, Clippy will now replace the paperclip emoji that exists across Windows, Office, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 products. It’s part of a bigger update that will see 1,800 emoji in Microsoft 365 updated with 3D designs and the company’s Fluent Design language. Source: TheVerge

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217 New Emojis Will Come To Devices In 2021

Welcome to Welcome to ? World Emoji Day!

Messenger Launches ‘Soundmojis’ to Add Another Element to Your Replies

Messenger has announced the launch of its new ‘Soundmojis’, which are emojis that play a short audio clip, providing another interactive element for your message threads.

As you can see here, Soundmojis, when added to a message, also play an audio snippet, which the recipient will hear when they get the message. Source: socialmediatoday

Black and white emoji symbols and Aesthetic Symbols and Text Symbols. are good ways to express a person’s feelings or mood, or as a time-saving method that we use in text messages, emails and social media.

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