Find the Instagram Influencers Search Tool for Free

We help you find your next favorite Instagram influencers search tools.


Upfluence is a full-scale influencer platform, offering a well-rounded set of features. A pivotal part of influence, however, is its influencer search and discovery engine.


AspireIQ is building the platform to empower these creators to make a living from sponsorships, endorsements and collaborations with brands, so they can focus on making the content we all love.

Post for Rent

Post for Rent is a full-fledged influencer tool. The company effectively maintains a balance between cold business efficiency and authentic influencer campaigns


Free Instagram influencer search tool. It helps you find Instagram influencers to work with. Search for any brand to find the right Instagram influencers.


Heepsy is a service specifically tailored for influencer search and outreach. There is a database of over 11 million content creators across three major social media platforms with at least 5, 000 followers/subscribers.


Keyhole offers a number of solutions for content creator discovery, analytics, and tracking. All you have to do is type keywords related to your niche in the search bar and view the profiles includes in the search results. is an influencer marketing platform with an impressive database of half a billion content creators you can choose from.


HypeAuditor is influencer marketing analytics service that puts a special focus on the authenticity of their influencer base.


BuzzStream is an end-to-end outreach platform that helps you stay organized and grow your digital PR and link building results, whether you’re a team of one or twenty.


Dovetale highlights their integration with Shopify, stressing that they help Shopify stores recruit, manage and grow sales with people who love their products. As a result, it caters exceptionally well to small businesses. is the largest influencer marketing professional community. We help influencers & businesses connect, learn, and work with their peers. offers a free plan for influencers. is a Chrome plugin that helps you with your networking. You can use it to see your email recipients, LinkedIn and Facebook connections’ social accounts and updates in a sidebar.

How to find Instagram influencers in your niche

Before we begin our search for the right Instagram influencers, from nano – influencers to micro – influencers, we should define some parameters that will make our efforts all the more efficient and effective.

Where can I find Instagram influencers for free? And Where can I find influencers for free tools?

Here is 7 quick tips on how to find Influencers in your niche. 

  1. Check Most Popular Posts for Specific Hashtags
  2. Look at Your Brand’s Followers
  3. Monitor Brand Mentions to Find Top Fans
  4. Search Instagram Influencers on the Explore Page
  5. Check the List of Top 1000 Instagram Influencers
  6. Use Dedicated Tools and Platforms
  7. Conduct a Search on Google

How to choose the most suitable Instagram influencer search tool for your brand?

When it comes to Instagram influencer search tools, suitability is a rather relative notion. It depends on your brand, its size, and many contextual factors like current marketing campaign goals and Instagram trends.

  • Pricing. Price is always important, whether you are a small brand owner or a marketer working for a major company.
  • Advanced/simple search filters.
  • Database. You need to make sure that this database is comprised of real people with authentic profiles.
  • User-friendliness. Basically, it should be a complex solution made simple.